What is Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)?

IMS is a western medicine-based treatment technique that integrates principles from traditional acupuncture, neurophysiology and a clear understanding of the neuromuscular system. This particular dry needling philosophy was developed by Dr. Chan Gunn to help treat persistent myofascial pain created by a sensitized nervous system.

How does it work?

Very fine needles are inserted through the skin into the muscle or muscle group to be treated. The objective is to directly relax and improve the biochemical and physical function of the muscles being treated and to desensitize the nerves that innervate them. While there is little to no pain when the needles are inserted, sensitive muscles tend to cramp or gently spasm as the needle stimulates them. Over time the muscle will eventually start to relax which is noted by the dissipation of the sensation noted above.

Today we have a better understanding of the science related to neuropathy, a condition where the nervous system is compromised and overstimulates the structures or system it innervates. Treatments like IMS are invaluable for those suffering from neuropathic issues.

Frequency of Treatments

The number of treatments you require depends on many factors such as the duration and extent of your condition. In four to six treatments you should notice positive change. To restore full function related to any injury or condition it’s important to perform specific repetitive movements to exercise and strengthen the affected area.