What is Athletic Therapy?

For everyone from adolescent soccer players, high-performance athletes, to octogenarians who want to maintain their independence, athletic therapy is an active treatment option for all of life’s athletes.

You may not see yourself as an athlete, but maybe you are forgetting all those stairs you climb everyday? Or what about when you run after your grandkids at the park? Maybe you are an ‘industrial athlete’ and your job requires you to bend, lift, push, pull and carry. You could be a fitness athlete achieving goals at the gym, or an endurance athlete adding more kilometres to your tally every week. How about the mom with littles, who is always lifting kids, carrying babies, squatting down, bending and twisting? Let’s not forget the outdoor enthusiast, who spends every spare minute outside hiking, biking, or gardening? When it comes down to it, if you move your body on a regular basis you really are an athlete!

Athletic therapists are healthcare professionals who are highly trained in assessment, prevention, and care of musculoskeletal injuries. If you have injured a bone, muscle, ligament, or joint or you want to avoid injuring those structures then athletic therapy may be for you. Using a sports medicine model of care, athletic therapy includes assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and education. This helps you stay active in a healthy and pain-free manner.

Who will be assessing and treating me?

Our experienced athletic therapy staff are professional, local and have worked with university athletes, various sports teams, and the general public for many years. 

No matter where you are in your state of injury, an athletic therapist might be just what you need to live your life with more movement. From recent ankle sprains, concussions, or muscle pulls; to long-term back pain, knee surgery preparation or rehab, shoulder stiffness or just that niggling pain in your elbow; an athletic therapist can set you back on the road to recovery. Regardless of your stage or level of activity, they are here for you.