Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Bragg Creek Physiotherapy is pleased to introduce Orthotics In Motion and Patrick Bergevin, Canadian Certified Pedorthist, as the newest member of its clinic.

Bergevin’s passion for the mountains brought him out West in 2000.  From his very first position in pedorthics in Ottawa ON, to becoming the owner of Orthotics In Motion, his drive, compassion and willingness to help has never wavered.  When the opportunity presented itself at Bragg Creek Physiotherapy, Patrick seized the chance to work with Steve Resta and his amazing team.  Being part of a multi-service clinic that treats the whole body and works collaboratively to achieve the patient’s wellness goals, aligns with Patrick’s vision for patients. 

Admittedly, it was also easy to convince Bergevin to travel to Bragg Creek bi-weekly, as he has been enjoying the trail system it has to offer for decades, and loves the area. The small community atmosphere, the local events, the traditions and lifestyle made the decision easy for him, while the draw to work with all walks of life felt like a calling.

Orthotics In Motion is Calgary’s premier pedorthic services provider, and it is a pleasure to offer big city service and expertise, in a beautiful clinic with small town charm. Your Family Physician or Physiotherapist may recommend seeing a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, and booking with us is a breeze.   Pedorthists are one of very few experts trained in completing a thorough gait assessment to produce a custom foot orthotic, the manufacturing of an orthotic, footwear recommendations and modifications, as well as the assessment, casting and dispensing of custom-made footwear. One would see a Pedorthist for foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis, chronic heel pain, metatarsalgia, bunions or flat feet, while knee, hip and lower back pain can also be addressed.  

The Orthotics In Motion advantage lies in the extensive 1hr gait assessment process, covering all aspects from history to ailments to footwear recommendations, while being backed by the quality products produced at its main office. A comprehensive report is then produced and forwarded to all treating professionals, ensuring the synergy of treatments, while the “5 Steps to Pedorthic Success” will ensure your symptoms are addressed and promptly resolved.  This is all based on our belief that you get better results if you understand why you are getting foot orthotics.

Additional areas of expertise would be to address the orthotic and footwear needs of specific activities. Bergevin is well known in the running community, and has developed a wide offering of sport-specific devices such as for cycling, mountain biking, skiing, golfing, horseback riding or motocross. Whatever the activity or footwear, he takes a collaborative approach to understand your needs and applications, and will truly create a custom product.

Whether you are an existing client or have been referred by the Bragg Creek Physiotherapy team, all appointments are booked by contacting 403-255-FEET(3338).  Our friendly and helpful team members will cover everything you need to know in preparation for your appointment, while helping you understand if a Physician’s prescription is necessary prior to seeing us, or how claiming to your health benefits is handled. We are also a digitally run clinic that allows you to fill preliminary information in the comfort of your home, reducing time in the common areas of our clinic.

We look forward to seeing you!

 Patrick Bergevin, B.Sc.Hon.Kin, C.Ped(C)