Let's take steps to your health

Our Story

From our location to the design of our clinic, the practitioners to the products, everything about Bragg Creek Physiotherapy is curated to literally and figuratively get people back on their feet and moving towards a healthier, vitality-filled future. Our brand is our personality, and every time it appears we wish to convey the same key messages:

Our logo symbolizes a stepping stone, the first on the pathway to physical freedom. Our holistic quality-of-life view inspired the circular shape and in the stepping stone is a figure in motion, taking a step, making progress on their journey to excellent physical health. We chose a stone texture because it is the material utilized to create pathways and foundations. This represents our belief that physical freedom is the foundation for living an active, fulfilling life. The smaller river-stones collectively form a circle that depicts our commitment to collaboration with other trusted health professionals within the community.