A New Perspective on Physiotherapy from 7900 Feet

When veteran physiotherapist Steve Resta created his company’s vision and mission statements this winter, he had no idea the personal meaning they would take on a few months later, as he dangled from a helicopter over Ha Ling Peak.

An alignment enthusiast – both physically and figuratively – one of Steve’s first actions as new owner of Bragg Creek Physiotherapy was to clarify the clinic’s vision, mission and core values. That is, the essence of their brand.

Steve drew on the philosophy he’d formed while working with countless patients over three decades: That physical freedom is the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling life.

From this perspective, Steve was able to articulate the company’s new direction:

We envision a healthy community that is inspired and empowered to lead fulfilling, active lives in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Steve’s personal commitment to an active outdoor lifestyle is part of what drew him to the Bragg Creek area, and what inspired him to become a trail runner. This spring (while training for a trail race in the Maritimes), Steve sustained a major knee injury during his descent from the summit of Ha Ling Peak.

Emergency services were then forced to airlift him to the nearest hospital for surgery.

Secured to a screamer seat, dangling precariously below a helicopter as it flew through the Rocky Mountains, business was the last thing on Steve’s mind.

But now, as we sit in his office, Steve subconsciously rubs the scar over his knee while reflecting on his experience. “When Bragg Creek Physiotherapy started the brand refresh process, it was because we wanted our visual brand to match our professional worldview. We were thinking about depicting someone taking the first step on their path to physical freedom, and a collection of people working together for a holistic approach to health.”

“But the truth is, at the time, it was a professional matter for me. After my experience on Ha Ling, it’s a lot more personal. Now I’m looking at my own mobility and the healing process through the eyes of a patient. It’s a different experience.”

Steve smiles to himself. “One of the core values we chose was health leadership. I had no idea I’d be modelling the healing process myself! I’m trying to be a good patient.”

Bragg Creek Physiotherapy’s mission is to enable physical freedom by delivering quality evidence-based physical health services, education, and access to a community of trusted health professionals. The clinic is open Monday to Friday. For a full list of services and hours visit braggcreekphysio.com. We’re looking forward to updating our website to reflect our new brand in 2019.